At HBO Group, we are an industry-focused migration agency that recognises and addresses the distinct challenges faced by regional businesses in fulfilling their skills and staffing requirements. We understand that regional development relies on a skilled and diverse workforce, and skilled migrants play a pivotal role in bridging the gap by providing expertise and labour that cannot be sourced locally, and we are committed to regional development and fostering strong partnerships between businesses and skilled migrants. 

Our strong desire to help regional business drives our interest in fulfilling the needs of employers who struggle to access qualified and skilled staff.  This includes promoting access to Labour Agreements and skilled migration visas.

With more than fifteen years of industry experience, we have a proven record of working closely with migrants and businesses across Australia to address both short-term and long-term skilled labour shortages.

We support regional migration program and we have earned a reputation for being able to successfully connect skilled people to the most remote and challenging business locations. We encourage interested skilled migrants and Australian employers to contact us for discussion on potential opportunities around skilled migration.